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Offering Overflow Solutions for Heavy Duty and Medium Sized Fleets

January 1, 2019

Winter is a tough season for fleet owners. Even if you spend a lot of time on winterizing your vehicles, you can run into some unexpected setbacks. Most large fleets can handle everything in-house under normal conditions but rely on outsourcing to handle their “overflow” during a time when their own technicians are too busy to handle those unexpected mishaps.

Regular maintenance requirements are typically predictable, but each vehicle has a different timeline based on age, what it is used for and what kind of vehicle it is, so it is important to know you have a trusted shop to turn to in times of need. A top-quality shop can help keep downtime to a minimum and save thousands on parts and equipment that they already have in-house.

It is crucial you keep in mind that selecting a fleet maintenance service provider to handle your overflow is a process; because when your fleet is not running, your business doesn’t run.


Choosing the right shop:


While there is a good amount of service providers to choose from, you should consider these factors when choosing the best shop to handle the overflow for you and your fleet.

Location – It is important to select a service provider that is easily accessible to you and your team. If your drivers take their vehicles home at night, you should search for a service provider with multiple locations, instead of just one.

Expertise Find out how many technicians they have and be sure to check on their training and certification credentials. Ask yourself this…are the technicians skilled at using diagnostic tools and the specialized software needed to properly diagnose and repair your vehicles and equipment? Also, don't forget to ask about ongoing training programs they may provide. Why not get the best value?

Communication & Consistency – Bottom line, if you have out-of-service vehicle/equipment, having a transparent communication system is key to getting accurate estimates and provide you with real-time updates on repairs. No one can predict the future. When choosing the best service provider to handle your overflow, they should be able to offer you flexible and customizable services that meet all of your needs. They should be equipped with a skilled customer support team and should provide you with accurate service offerings in order to solve any given problem within an agreed upon time frame to avoid any further mishaps.

All Roads Fleet Service & Supply handles all isolated overflow situations by assisting fleet teams with maintenance and inspections using state-of-the-art machinery, experienced service professionals with decades of experience in fleet repair, and the most comprehensive assortment of high-quality brand name replacement products at unmatched value.

With decades of experience in diagnostics and repairs, the All Roads Fleet Service & Supply team can help you quickly and efficiently repair any problems, and pro-actively work to ensure your vehicles are running optimally to avoid future costly emergency repairs. We keep you on the road ... saving you time, money and optimizing your bottom line.

Keep your vehicles running at their best, protect driver safety and limit downtime.
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